natural handwork

Down Feather
The characteristics of the natural down-slurry sheet, in addition to light and soft warmth and elasticity, also have the good performance of moisture absorption and divergence that other warm materials do not have. The bag used on the sofa cushion is very comfortable.
Jute Webbing
Jute is a herbaceous fiber derived from the fertile soil of Bangladesh. The woven ribbon has excellent elasticity and toughness, 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and no pollution to the ecological environment.
The comfort principle of the sofa sitting is the resilience of the bottom material (spring), which is suitable for int-term durability. Spring has always been the best choice for sofa making.The high carbon steel spring has high strength, good elasticity, strong wear resistance, and can be recycled and reused.
The characteristics of the ponytail are ventilated and elastic, and the filler is made of soft and hard.Each ponytail has its own built-in micro-ventilation system that delivers moisture through a capillary tube with capillary action. In use, the heat and moisture generated by the human body can be exported from the ponytail to keep it dry.
In order to make each piece of furniture retain its unique texture and make the most natural design, we use the most prestigious North American solid wood brand GLC (Gages), and it is the best FAS level (special grade).