natural handwork

Pick color texture
The texture and the color of the wood are the key points to determine a good furniture. In order to ensure the beauty of each piece of furniture, the materials and stencils are taken care of. In this process, we assign special personnel to track and complete the whole process, and to ensure the perfection and unification of the products. The plates required for each piece of furniture are numbered and recorded, so that they are not repeated and referenced.
After repeated grinding, the furniture feels as smooth as baby skin.The woody touch after repeated fine polishing, the wood grain luster reflected in the darkness, seems to be the pleasing sensation of the precipitation of the years.
Rattan wood combination process
Rattan furniture is produced by traditional handicrafts, made of natural materials, and framed by ergonomic curvature. It is soft and flexible.
Hand rubbing
Wood wax oil not only deeply moisturized and maintained wood, but also makes wood fiber tightly combined, enhances surface hardness, waterproof and anti-pollution, and is completely environmentally friendly material without pollution.